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Unfortunately, we have been misled for our entire lives about how we experience happiness within our lives. We've been taught that it is something that happens to us from outside influences, many of us have often found ourselves saying "If this happens, then I will be happy". Whether it is a promotion, holiday, new house, better car, qualification, we've all done it.

What we then find is that after some time, the special thing which brought us so much delight fades into the background and we return to our normal state of happiness. We then chance a new thing, thinking it will be the game changer to bring us everlasting happiness, but even if you win the lottery you will return to your natural state after 2 years - because this If-  Then model of Hedonic happiness is flawed! Yes, it works for a while, but this barely touches the surface for creating lasting happiness, and we are often left feeling frustrated, stressed and unfulfilled . But fortunately this is all about to change!!

It's time for The Be Happy Revolution!

'm extremely proud and excited to be delivering specialised workshops at Inner Guru where I will guide you step-by-step to create your very own "Be Happy Prescription" which will give you all the best practical tips, techniques and solutions that will empower you to bring more happiness into your everyday lives. These workshops will help build your immunity against the growing stresses that we are all experiencing currently during this pandemic, which is having a massive impact on our mental health. On top of that, these workshops will enable you to maximise the Happiness Advantage - Cutting edge research in Positive Psychology states that people who are happier more of the time perform much better at work, create more opportunities, have better social relationships and open themselves up to the best that life has to offer!

The workshops are going to be packed full of golden nuggets which are going to help you navigate these tough times we're going through as you will learn how to build 'Huedynamic' - inner happiness, a powerful form of deep, lasting joy which is vital because it is not dependent on our external circumstances. I look forward to welcoming you into the workshops and helping you to be a happier version of yourself! This is for everyone, whether you're already a naturally happy person or often find yourself stressed, anxious and unhappy to unlock the power of happiness, positivity and joy in your life!

What do you think about this? I don't know if you wanted it to be directed to myself or the workshops - I can add anything if needed. Also, if the length needs to be adjusted. I can also do 1-1 single session work in line with the workshops...

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