The "Inner Guru" is a community centre, focused on holistic treatments & spiritual connection.  We focus on healing created to assist people on their journey to find their true selves, to raise consciousness and build communities of truth.



The "Inner Guru" is a community centre in the heart of Liverpool.
This Sanctuary provides a safe space for people of all ages, to heal, learn & grow.

We offer a range of classes, therapeutic practices and workshops. Such as daily;











We strive to support the mental health of our community in such uncertain times by providing a range of highly skilled
therapists and teachers, to suit many different needs. 

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Hi, my name is Dasha! 


Movement and physical activity have been my biggest passion since I was little and through this, I developed an interest in human anatomy after suffering a few sports injuries. My mission is to improve health through prevention and lifestyle intervention.


I am one of Liverpool’s leading Sports Massage & Rehabilitation Therapists and I can help you with everyday aches and pains, general body maintenance, sports injury rehabilitation and relaxation & wellbeing. I am your performance therapist & guide for your optimal health and wellness. 


I am dedicated to helping you look after and care for your body and mind. Through high level body work and various manual and physical therapies, I set a high standard in regards to injury rehabilitation, physical maintenance and treatment of general aches and pains. I am passionate about maximising health through how we live our lives, how we look after ourselves – including physical activity, food, sleep, stress management and our social connections. 


I am here for your healing needs! 😃


Looking forward to meeting you! 😃

Workshops, Classes, Training Courses & Support Groups

We offer a wide range of workshops & classes for all ages & abilities.  

Such as Kundalini Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kids Yoga, Himalayan Breathwork, Meditation, Kambo & more...



Every weekend we are hosting a different event!

We have a range of different workshops & support groups on offer here at weekends such as;  Women's Groups, Cacao Workshops, Community Care, Self Healing + much more.


Therapeutic/Holistic Treatments

Every week, Inner Guru have many Holistic/Therapeutic treatments available.

Such as Kambo, Reiki, Sound Healing Aromatherapy Massage, Swedish Massage, Sports recovery massage & more...


Community Care Project

Our way of giving back...

The Community Care Project is our way of giving back to the community, each month we will be offering a day of free treatments & support for those struggling in the local area.




"The Hub"

No upcoming events at the moment

Based In Liverpool