Kumar part of the lineage of Swama Veda Bharte & Grandmaster Swami Rama.

Tracy's journey began following a diagnosis of osteo-arthritis and was instantly drawn to the traditional practice of Hatha Yoga from which all Yoga stems. Learning to fully relax, to calm the body and mind and switch off from the marriage of thoughts she was quickly hooked. Practising Yoga for over 15 years has given her a deep understanding of its physical, mental, & spiritual benefits & the ability to take these off the mat & into everyday life made her passionate about sharing all Yoga has to offer.  Traceys teaching combines flows based on the Ashtanga Primary Series with a strong emphasis on Alignment & technique (Iyengar Yoga) using props where required to ensure a safe practice & steady progression. This builds a strong foundation in balance, flexibility & strength, combined with deeper stretches gives the perfect Yin/Yang mix. Moving with the breath we restore a sense of calm & create balance. Also expect pranayama, Sanskrit chants (or focus inwards & listen), relaxing Savasana & Tibeten singing bowls for a sound healing element to end your practice. 


Beginners Yoga Course (8-week) Do you know the 8 limbs of Yoga? Ever wondered why Yogis say Namaste? On this 8-week mini course you will learn the right techniques & alignment to practice Yoga safely & begin to understand how Asana practice is just a small part of Yoga lifestyle & philosophy. Discover the world of Yoga in a positive space of acceptance & gratitude. We will Cover Asana Practice, the history of Yoga, where physical yoga sits, breathing techniques (pranayama), mantras, chakras, mudras, steps to develop a personal meditation practice & much more ***HATHA FLOW Class to follow soon*** places filling up fast, only 2 places left.


Love & Light... See you on the mat Yogis 


Beginners Yoga Class -

Every Thurs 7:15-8:30pm

£8 drop in, or £28 for 4


Beginners Yoga Course - 

8 weeks Every Tues 7-8:15pm

(First class until 8:30pm)


HATHA FLOW Class to follow soon

Tracy Doyle

Hatha Yoga Instructor


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