We are very pleased to announce we are currently working on offering good quality online courses, specifically created to:

We are collaborating with Pantheon of Aeternam to bring you fresh online courses.

*encourage good health & wellbeing 
*raise consciousness/vibration
*Heal mind, body & soul
*Expand ancient knowledge
*Connect to your higher self

*Become more grounded

Pantheon Of Aeternam

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14 week

Powerful guidance course

Introduction to I meditation I connecting to your being I how to observe yourself I connecting to Earth I well-being tips I​​

Pantheon of Aeternam is home and temple of the gods where they share their teachings.  A great number of teachings are available to all for independent learning. Gods want to give the members of our order knowledge and wisdom beyond any boundaries known to mankind.  We all have our unique skills, roles and purpose but we are linked to create a perfect and powerful creature on a divine assignment. we are all the continuation and extension of the high gods and we are drawn to earth of the golden era.

Teachings are coming down from the high source to the gods, masters and are falling on earth to the ones who have ears and eyes, clarity and courage to dedicate their lives to this godly service.  it seems that the problem we are facing is big and ferocious and that we are very few working on it: it looks like a tidal wave is going to sweep away all life and destroy all creation.  i must tell you that our power to change things is greater than you can imagine: it is indescribable.  how powerful do you think is a touch from high creator? how can this affect life? this is what we are and what we are going to use to fight earths indifference as her own life becomes weaker.

teachings of christian rosenkreutz: create the golden era on earth. 27-10-2013

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