Emma Farragher

Earth Keeper

Emma is a Keeper of the Old Ways, a Shamanic Healer carrying teachings from multiple Indigenous Lineages so that she may be in service to humanity, facilitate healing and empower clients, customers and communities.

Emma is an Edge Walker, acting as a bridge between the Seen and Unseen energy realms she weaves traditions together during Ceremonial sessions to communicate with Spirit for the purpose of bringing back healing, power, and information to a client, alleviating discomfort and bringing balance and harmony to the Body, Mind & Soul.

As an Earth Keeper, Emma works to ReWild & reconnect to the Ancient ways of our Lands, working with the Wheel of the Year, Elemental & Nature Spirits, Pachamama, our Earth Mother, Plant Spirit Medicine, Dance, Song and Prayer.

With training (including ongoing training) and qualifications in Shamanism (including Core Shamanism, elements of; Druidry, Curanderismo, Santeria, Andean Energy Medicine and Native American Traditions), Walking the

Medicine Wheel, Fire Keeping, Shamanic Energy Healing, Reiki, Yoga TT, Sound Healing, Goddess Diploma & Womens Circle Facilitator, Shinrin Yoku - Forest Bathing and Trauma informed Somatic Healing Modalities.

I currently offer the following treatments, sessions and services: 

Shamanic Energy Healing
Dense Energy Clearing / Limpias
Heartbeat Drum Healing and 1-2-1 Drum Journeys
Extraction work
Power Animal Retrieval 
Soul Retrieval
Past Life Healing
Ancestral Healing
Cord Cutting
Sound Healing (Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Jaw Harp, Medicine Drum)
Fire Ceremonies

Sister Circles
Healing Circles
Community Fire Ceremonies
Sabbat Celebrations

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