With over five years of extensive experience of providing sound healing meditations around the world with the Himalayan Singing bowls, with people and children of all ages and walks of life, from the natives of Peru to the homeless of Liverpool. After she embarked upon a global spiritual adventure for over seven years, spanning six continents of earth. Since 2014 sharing Sound healing and meditation, Yoga and Reiki, with hundreds of people, in nature, hospitals, schools, sacred sites and homeless centres all over the world.  

Returning to her homeland of Liverpool, in 2018 with a vision, to raise the vibration and awareness of alternative ancient energy and sound healing techniques. Creating Change Vibration Movement to raise the vibration through change, sound, movement and energy healing, inspired by ancient techniques she discovered. 

Over the last 3 years Rebecca has been dedicated to creating visual guided elemental soundscape sound healing meditation journeys. Having always been deeply passionate about sound and its power to heal, beginning her journey through sound over 18years ago, when she began studying music production

Rebecca Scarlett Davies

Sound Healing

at LIPA and Audio Engineering at SAE Institute. Originally a vinyl DJ, along her travels learning new skills, moving to electronic DJ’ing, performing around the world, in southern India and Sacred Valley in Peru. After exploring earth deeply inspired and impacted, Rebecca has returned to producing soundscapes, with a new vibe fusioning Himalayan singing bowls, binaural beats, gongs and tribal world music to create a hypnotic physically impacting peaceful unique experiences, with breath-work, words and sound vibrations.

Since returning to Liverpool in 2018, dedicated to changing the vibration, providing sound healing, Yoga and Reiki for the carers and homeless of the community, as well as holding private ceremonies in multiple venues around the city. Performing at the Royal court in association with the Comedy trust. Invited to holding talk at the Women's Institute, sharing a session at the Spiritualist church and at the Hindu Temple. Creating 'Good Vibrations' radio show on Liverpool community radio station to raise awareness of sound meditation and techniques to assist mental health and wellbeing. Inspired to do her part in contributing something during in this mental health epidemic, after her good friend Joseph took his life in Jan 2020. 

Rebecca once suffered from mental health issues whilst surviving in the London rat race, lost in a very dark place, one fine day awakening, in this moment making a promise to change her life forever, planting seeds of intention, she began to manifest a new life, moving thinking in a different way. A few months later leaving everything behind in England early 2010. To begin a new life in Australia embarking upon a spiritual journey, that would last for over seven years. 

Rebecca lived with the native peoples of many lands, learning their ancient ways of healing through Ayurveda and various plant medicines, going on to qualify as a Yoga teacher in the Himalayan foothills of Rishikesh. Accessing the universal light healing energy Reiki, becoming a Reiki Master practitioner, in Auroville India. Studying Integral sound healing at Svaram centre in India, a course exploring multiple sound healing modalities.

Continuing her journey traveling the world sharing Sound healing, Yoga and Reiki, with hundreds of people, in nature, hospitals, schools and at sacred sites all over the world. Rebecca decided to return to her homelands of Liverpool England, with a vision of deep community change, through energy healing, movement and meditation, to create a ripple effect, changing the vibration, awakening others to begin their own healing journey. Raising the vibration of our planet. Through her life experiences coming to understand, to bring peace upon earth, you must first make your own life peaceful.


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