“Staying rooted in our hearts through uncertain times.”

A support space for men and women to cultivate inner balance, spaciousness, playfulness and harmony. 

Brothers and sisters, 

Never has there been a more important time to drop out of the external chaos, pressures and confusion of the mind & drop deeply into the wisdom of our hearts. 

So It is with a grateful and open heart that I invite you to join me for an evening of expansion, joy frequencies and remembering that WE ARE SACRED.

We will journey together through a variety of practices and tools that support our mind, body, heart and souls, with the intention of us leaving the space feeling more rooted , nurtured and grounded to support us through this current cycle. 

Aimee Lea Frances

Sacred Feminine Arts


Event includes:
-Heart opening Cacao
-Music as medicine
-A welcoming space to share your gifts and stories.

“When we drop out of the mind and into our miraculous beating Hearts, we can approach life in a more present, balanced, clear and harmonious way.”

Your Facilitator:

Aimee Lea Frances is a Singer/Songwriter, Medicine Musician, Sound Healer and Specialist within the Sacred Feminine Arts.
With a burning passion to bring souls together through the power of vibration, voice, movement and healing, her heart songs are a powerful medicine that awaken the heart, creating space for unity, loving acceptance and celebration of ALL that we are.

To behold Aimee’s heart, medicine and music for free check out this link: 

Tickets are £20 and can be purchased via the PayPal link here: 

An email will be sent to you to confirm your space.

If you have any questions please contact Aimee via email :

All are welcome. And most importantly all of YOU is welcome 🙏