Andrea Taylor

Kundalini Dance Practitioner


Andrea is a Holistic Transformational Practitioner and Kundalini Dance Facilitator and is honoured to be sharing this work! Since childhood she's always been interested in all things magical and mystical and very aware that there was more to this reality than we can comprehend! Andrea also has a passion for music and dance, having had many 'spiritual experiences' on the dance floor and not realising at that time it was actually a deeply shamanic process and tribal gathering she was experiencing!


She's been on the path for many years and after many painful life experiences, began her own healing journey working with energy, then was drawn to train in many holistic therapies and healing modalities.

In 2016 she was guided to work more shamanically then discovered that working with Kundalini Shakti, took her to a completely different level having undergone many profound and transformational processes. Andrea then trained as an Alchemical Priestess and in Kundalini Dance, being re-initiated back into the mysteries and activating her Priestess lineage in this lifetime.


Supporting her own evolutionary journey she deepened her connection to her body, sexual energy and divine feminine essence which has been revolutionary on her path. Andrea is passionate about sharing these transformational tools and sacred practices with others and offers Holistic Transformational Energy-work and Therapies and of course various workshops in KUNDALINI DANCETM.


KUNDALINI DANCE-TM is an ecstatic shamanic embodiment practice to cultivate and activate Kundalini Shakti, a primordial energy which lies dormant until a divine time when it starts to awaken. The practice takes you on an Inner journey of reconnection and the whole process ultimately creates a tantric alchemical process in the body by unifying abundantly divine energies which are available to us and form an essential part of our awakening process.